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Golf and Television Won't Make America Great Again
Donald Trump promised "forgotten Americans" he'd be their tireless advocate in the White House. That hasn't quite panned out thus far.
From Inc.
Inc. 08/01/17
How I Created a Billion-Dollar Company
As told to Lindsay Blakely Michael Dubin | Dollar Shave Club → Men’s toiletries Michael Dubin conjured Dollar Shave Club initially as a way to help a friend’s father offload a surplus supply of razors. The idea was good; the marketing, genius. Prop
From New York Magazine
New York Magazine 08/20/17
Now, This Is A Supermodel Ashley Graham Isn't A Sample Size.
ASHLEY GRAHAM’S LIFELONG mission to lift women up has taken on ridiculous, corporeal form today. That form is me, clinging to her arm, trying not to die, as she takes me Roller blading for maybe the third time in my life. “I know you’re nervous. You

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Betting It All, With Brand-New Chips

FROM THE WIDE WINDOWS OF HER FOURTH-FLOOR OFFICE, Lisa Su can look across the Austin campus of Advanced Micro Devices and see the laboratory building where the company’s new chips get tested. In the spring of 2016, Su was looking in that direction quite often, not to mention texting, instant messaging, and calling the staffers who worked there. She was waiting eagerly for a Zeppelin to arrive. Zeppelin was the code name for AMD’s newest microprocessor, a flagship chip designed to run in personal computers and corporate servers—and the company’s future was riding on its success. Su, a Ph.D. mi
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Game Loop

A strong GPU helps with games like XCOM 2. The iMac Pro is really intended for game developers. If you’re a gamer buying a portable Mac, get one of the new Kaby Lake models T HIS IS a good time to be a Mac gamer. With High Sierra around the corner, Apple is making huge bets on graphics for its flagship operating system. No matter your Mac, old or new, High Sierra will see huge graphical gains with Metal 2. The good news doesn’t stop with software - this year’s entire lineup of MacBooks was upgraded with Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. Faster processors are routine, but the startling numbers on K
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My Complicated Relationship With Cockroaches

An typical early summer seasonal display for insecticide and cockroach traps at a Japanese supermarket. Photo by Nevin Thompson. I'm proud of my ability to eliminate cockroaches. It's one of the most valuable skills I've learned since coming to Japan more than two decades ago, and I'm passing on the knowledge to my sons as part of a family legacy. I had never seen a cockroach before coming to Japan in my early 20s. In the cool, dry corner of Canada where I grew up, there are very few insect pests. I had no idea what I was in for when I moved to Japan. The first summer I lived there, I shared a